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5-minute beginners guide to surfing equipment

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Beginners’ guide to surfing

Reading Time: 5 -Minutes

Welcome to article one of our beginners’ guide to surfing series. Getting started can be an intimidating task, but with these short articles, we’ll give you the information you need to get from beginner to intermediate as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In the upcoming articles, we’ll provide you with a simplified guide to beginning surfing, taking you through everything from how to find the right equipment to perfecting your pop-up. In the series, you’ll find our honest opinion from our experience in the water, something we’ve learned from selling surf gear since way back in 1974 when our first store opened.

We’ve seen the good and the bad over the years, so we’re well placed to provide you with everything you need to know to get you the right gear, and standing up on your board

Learning to surf isn’t easy and requires plenty of patience and dedication, and heading out into the ocean with the wrong equipment is a sure-fire way to dent your confidence and give it all up before you’ve even gotten going. Lots of people think they can get by with dodgy second-hand gear and everything will work out, but these are the same people who, one year later, have already given up on learning. Good quality gear makes it easier to learn which in turn helps your confidence, which in turn ensures you’ll be more inclined to get out there and practice. 

Don’t get us wrong – having the right gear isn’t the be-all and end all. You still need to learn the ropes in the water and practice in conditions that are suitable to your ability level, but being well-equipped will certainly help and will make you much more inclined to keep at it. 

In this series we’ll teach you all you need to know to get the right gear for you, and provide a bunch of advice that you need before getting started. We sell only high quality equipment from tried and tested brands, and did we mention we’ve been around for over 45 years? It won’t be easy and you’ll need to part with a bit of hard-earned cash, but if this sounds like something you would enjoy then take a look the next few articles of our series, where we will answer some common questions rookie surfers face.