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Wave Pools – Where and when did they come from?

When the World Surf League announced that in 2018 it would hold its first-ever event outside of the ocean, it set tongues wagging in a big way. Some felt taking the league to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch would be a brilliant opportunity to see the world’s best surfers unimpeded by the randomness of the ocean, …

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Wave pools – the good and the bad

As we established in our most recent piece, wave pools aren’t exactly a new concept. They are, however, becoming an increasingly prevalent part of surfing with every passing year, and with change invariably comes controversy – and a whole lot of discontentment. Naysayers despise what (and who) they bring to the sport, while others see …

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Wave Pools of the World

The Wave is located in Bristol - Drone 4 credit Global Shots

As we’ve discussed in our previous couple of pieces, wave pools are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the surfing community the world over. As of a few months ago there were 15 of them open and accessible and another ten or so under construction, so with that in mind let’s take a look at …

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Wave pool technology – how does it all work?

As the wave pool industry continues to develop, more and more high-quality artificial waves are popping up all around the globe. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, there are now first-rate inland waves on offer everywhere from Europe to the USA to Australia – and quite a few average ones as well. And though …

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