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Best Big Waves in South Africa

Surfing is still very much in the development stage in many parts of Africa. Large portions of the continent are a lot more difficult to access than what we’re used to in places like Australia, but with such a vast coastline there are clearly plenty of great waves littered across this part of the world. …

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Best Big Waves in Europe

Europe isn’t typically renowned for its monster waves. The surfing scene there has plenty to offer, sure, but it probably isn’t viewed in the same way as places like North America or Australia in terms of the multitude of big waves that it serves up. There is, however, one exception; Nazaré. The scene of many …

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The Best Big Waves in North America

Big waves capture the attention of the surfing public, and indeed the public generally, like few other sporting pursuits on the planet. The combination of conditions and geographical features which combine to create big waves occur around the world, but North America – in which we’ll include Hawaii – is one location in which we …

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Everything you need to know about big wave surfing

Big wave surfing is capable of capturing the imagination like few other sports in the world. To most people, the prospect of heading out to sea and trying to ride a wave many times your size is a thoroughly unpleasant one, bordering on flat out insane. But despite this, there is a dedicated community of …

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Best Waves in Africa

Outside of a handful of well-known breaks in South Africa, Africa doesn’t exactly scream ‘surf trip’ for most people. But as the world’s second-biggest continent, and surrounded on most sides by vast expanses of ocean, there’s bound to be an abundance of great places to surf. Below, we take a look at five of the …

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The Best Waves in the USA

Here in Australia, we are probably blessed with the best waves one single country could hope for, both in quantity and quality. If there’s a rival, however, it’s the USA, the birthplace of so much of the surfing culture that exists today. The Beach Boys didn’t write Surfin’ USA for no reason, and with its …

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The Best Waves in Europe

Europe is well-known for a lot of things – culture, food and history, to name a few. For most people surfing comes pretty far down the list of what they associate with the continent, but with a sizeable west coast which is at the mercy of the vast Atlantic Ocean, the cultural capital of the …

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The Best Waves in Asia

Surf Uluwatu

With so many islands dotted between Asia’s mainland and Australia, it’s little wonder that the continent is able to boast so many of the world’s best waves. And as one of the few parts of the world in relative proximity to us, it’s also little surprise that so many Aussies head there to enjoy them. …

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The Best REAL Waves in Australia

Bells Beach Surfing

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve put up a number of pieces about the rapid growth of the wave pool industry and what it means for surfing. And while there’s no doubt that artificial waves are becoming an increasingly important part of the sport we love, they still can’t – and likely never will …

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