The Best Surfboards for Summer (2024)

Photo of surf walking into the surf with a surfboard under her arm and the sun is setting behind the clouds.

Summer is coming, and we all know what that means. Beautiful weather, days at the beach, and…kind of average waves. Depending on where you live, those beautiful, warm, windless mornings with 3 to 4-foot waves might still pop up from time to time, but most people around the country will need to be willing to …

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The Best Softboards for Beginners This Summer (2023)

Softboards have for many years been a popular choice of craft for beginners, and though they’re becoming increasingly common under the feet of more advanced surfers, they remain a hit with those a little less comfortable in the water. They’re buoyant, easy to paddle with, and easy to catch waves with, while there’s also the …

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JS Surfboards – Winning Awards Like They’re Shelling Peas

JS Surfboards have been one of the biggest sellers of boards in Australia over the past decade, rolling out quality board after quality board and winning more than their fair share of SBIA Board of the Year awards in that time. That run started with their flagship Monsta board in 2012 and has extended through to the Raging Bull most recently, with a couple of other designs winning awards in between.

Channel Islands – One of the biggest surf brands on the planet

Channel Islands is one of the most recognisable surfboard brands in the world. They sponsor many of the world’s best surfers, and you’ll also regularly spot their familiar logo at your local break as well as many others around the globe. Founding father Al Merrick calls it his passion “to provide the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced, performance designs”, and the high performance boards that this passion has manifested in are renowned the world over. 

Firewire – A unique surfboard manufacturer with a commitment to sustainability

Firewire might just make the most recognisable surfboards in the world. This isn’t necessarily reflective of popularity – though there are plenty of surfers who swear by these boards. Instead, their distinguishable nature comes more from their aesthetics. If you’ve ever seen a board out in the lineup that looks like it was carved directly from a tree, it was most likely a Firewire. This wooden aesthetic makes these boards stick out like a sore thumb (but a good sore thumb), though they also make plenty of boards with a more traditional appearance, something which they’ve been doing under various names for close to 50 years. 

Top 5 Summer Surfboards (2022)

The Best Boards Heading Into the Warmer Months Most people are generally pretty happy to see the end of winter, particularly down in the southern states. But while the departure of the cold weather is welcome, it is unfortunately usually accompanied by an end to the seemingly endless swells and light offshores which many parts …

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Best Surfboards for the Winter (2021)

The days are getting colder and shorter in most of Australia, which means for many it’s nearing the time to begin the human version of a winter hibernation. Not so for surfers. The chilly weather invariably means it’s time to put the longboards away and prepare for more consistent swell and offshore winds. With that …

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Best Sharp Eye Surfboards (2021)

The team at Southern Man Surf and Rip Curl Ulladulla are excited to see Shape Eye Surfboards added to our range in store. With limited space in our store, we spent a heap of time chatting with the guys at Sharpe Eye Australia making sure we get the styles of surfboards right for our customers …

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Best Channel Islands Surfboards (2020)

FishBeard parker coffin ryan miller

Al Merrick shaping a Channel Islands Surfboard. Best Channel Islands Surfboards (2020) The team at Southern Man Surf and Rip Curl Ulladulla are excited to see Channel Islands Surfboards’ new range in store. With limited space in our store, we spend time chatting with the guys at Channel Islands Australia making sure we get the …

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Best JS Industries Surfboards (2019)

S Industries Occy Raging Bull Smallish

OCCY’S RAGING BULL FROM BELLS 2019 Heritage heat between former event champs Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo Welcome JS Surfboards to our range The team at Rip Curl Ulladulla are excited to introduce JS Industries Surfboards to our range of over 150 Surfboards. With limited space in our store, we do not take introducing a …

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2017 Surfboard of the Year

 Sci-Fi by Slater Designs – In Store Now – Demo Available  2017 SIBA Surfboard of the Year | Sci-Fi2017 SIMA Performance Shortboard of the Year | Slater Designs – Sci-Fi​The Sci-Fi is a mash up of classic curves and modern rocker served with a Futuristic twist of fluid dynamic principles likely found in the design archives of Bruce Wayne. Expect seemingly unnatural acceleration, instantaneous response and an all around level performance that can only be described as […]