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Best JS Industries Surfboards (2019)


Heritage heat between former event champs Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo

Welcome JS Surfboards to our range

The team at Rip Curl Ulladulla are excited to introduce JS Industries Surfboards to our range of over 150 Surfboards. With limited space in our store, we do not take introducing a new brand lightly, but after conversations with other retailer and industry heads, we were sure that Jason Stevens’s JS Industries Surfboards were the next right fit for our store. Dannielle Saunders said: “JS boards are an excellent fit for our store, they are leaders in surf technology, they sponsor the best surfers, and they are the best surfboard shapers. We have refocused our buying to the premium surf brands like Firewire Surfboards, Channel Islands Surfboard, Vern Jackson, Surf Empire and now JS Surfboards. Martyn Saunders said: “Most weeks we have had customers, other shapers and sales reps asking us why we didn’t have JS in our store. Also, customers were annoyed that the closest stores with JS were as far as Kiama or Moruya.” We have decided to select the best and newest models including Blak Box 3, Monsta Box HYFI and Occy’s Raging Bull which is he rode in the Bells Heritage heat against Tom Curren.

JS Raging Bull Surfboard

JS Raging Bull

Over the last year, Occy’s fallen back infatuated with surfriding all over again. He’s within the water more, working on boards constantly with JS, and revisiting all of his recent favourites to mix the most effective of the last decade with their next golden era… right now.

The Raging Bull is an unbelievably forgiving, versatile travel board which will be your go-to for better days at home and any time you’re lucky enough to be away chasing proper waves. it’s all of the elements Occ wished to create performance surfriding simple. easy, but with the flexibility to handle heavier conditions and powerful surfers. Compared with their alternative models built for quality surf, there are heaps of variations here. A fuller nose with the wide point and additional thickness pushed forward mix with a flatter entry rocker to make it paddle quick and get into waves early, then while surfing, generate and hold all of that extra speed.

A pulled-in tail offers you management for turns and barrels in more critical conditions, whereas a touch more curve within the exit rocker adds mobility and release out of the lip. Moderate single concave starts beneath the front foot, moving to double just before the fins to supply lift and a lot of intuitive rail-to-rail transitions. Then finally, there’s Occ’s favourite part – as he calls it, the “Raging Bull thickness”. basically, this refers to JS maintaining a strategically generous distribution of volume throughout the board that goes hand in hand with thicker stock dimensions. this can be the key to additional paddle power, glide over flat sections, and to once more quote Occ, “lets you leave it on rail forever.”

The Raging Bull makes your best surfboarding simple from home to hard core surf journeys, and it’s a simple call to make if you’re solely aiming to have one go-to board with you. As we saw from Occy at Bells, that’s all it takes to create the fire burn brighter than ever. The Raging Bull is back.

blak box iii full js industries surfboards

JS Blak Box 3 Swallow Tail

Much loved by surfers round the world for the last eight years, we’ve launched to make a brand new board that does justice to the renowned Blak Box dna, that has continuously brought a fun yet still exciting surfing to good, average and even terrible waves.

The success of the JS Monsta Box and Air 17X at the refined finish of the X Series prompted JS to re-design their Blak Box to be even more suited to weak waves and surfers who don’t get their ideal selection of conditions day in, day out. It’s easy, and it’s a must have to make the most of whatever window you have to get in the water weekly.

The new JS Blak Box three is all about simple acceleration and glide, therefore to attain this we’ve given it additional designing space within the nose and additional foam below the chest. to manage and play with all that speed, the wide point has additionally been moved forward, that creates a rather straighter, pulled-in swallowtail. This provides a smooth rock and roll from rail to rail, supplying you with further drive and angles of attack to decide on from anywhere on a wave. With slightly lower rails to enhance its updated outline, we tend to suggest riding the BB3 at 1/16” thicker than your last Blak Box.
For the professionals, this board is an exceptional step down to cover you on days that the surf would otherwise be less than exalting. For the bros, it’ll be the go-to when those conditions are the only choice you have got.

monsta box hyfi js industries surfboards

JS Monsta Box Squash Tail HYFI

HYFI’s enhanced flex and mind-blowing speed combines with the Monsta Box’s skillfulness to form a board that flies down the line, springs through turns, and may be surfed in everything from average, everyday grovels to the most fun sessions you’ll imagine.

One of JS Industries’ most well-received hybrid model ever, the Monsta Box is a mix of JS’ 2 international favourites – the Monsta and Blak Box. The result’s a top level view that hides a stunning amount of area for simple paddling and generating speed, nonetheless maintains a responsive, high performance feel due to its absolutely balanced entry and exit rockers.

With plenty of the most fun R&D you could imagine beneath the team’s belt, from Hawaii to the Gold Coast, California to Japan, Mikey summed-up the HYFI Monsta Box perfectly: “On smaller days I hardly ever veer away from surfing it – even if the waves suck it hasn’t let me down and in better surf or contests it still has that spark you need to go as hard as you want.”

Watch Billabong’s Occ-Cast Episode 22 featuring Jason Stevenson of JS Industries

[Intro music]
Hey guys! Welcome to another Occ-Cast. As you can tell we’re in a surfboard factory.
And I’m lucky enough to have Jason Stevenson with me. Thank you, Jaes.
for coming to the Occ-Cast.
[Gesturing to Jason] Good friend.
JASON: Pleasure.
OCCY: My shaper and many more other things so we’re very well related.
And we’re in Coolangatta.
Well, actually, West Tweed.
At Jason’s Factory and thanks for coming on the Occ-Cast again.
JASON: Yeah, no worries.
OCCY: We’ve known each other for a while
JASON: Yeah, we have.
OCCY: 20 years.
JASON: Yeah.
OCCY: Favorite saying that 20 years, remember Andy and Bruce, “20 is everything, everything’s 20 years” but
it actually probably has been about that long.
OCCY: When did we meet?
JASON: Yeah, it’s been – far out.
It’s been a long time. I think – I don’t know. It was just before I probably started making your boards.
Ages ago.
Andy, Bruce – all that kind of –
It was Louie.
OCCY: Louie.
JASON: Yup, I reckon it was through Louie.
OCCY: It would’ve been through Louie.
I reckon through Louie.
OCCY: Louie would’ve been Luke Egan.
JASON: Yeah.
OCCY: Which was a –
probably one of your first team riders.
JASON: He was.
JASON: He was. OCCY: Or Dean Morrison.
JASON: He was, he was just after Dingo, actually.
Yeah, Dean was um when I first started out.
On my own. Dean was the first team rider that I had.
OCCY: He was?
JASON: Yeah, yup.
OCCY: And he actually was the first guy to ever win a CT contest on your board.
OCCY: And I remember that because I was in the final.
[Laughs] Yup, you were.
OCCY: He beat me in the final.
JASON: I don’t know.
OCCY: You were there. You don’t remember, do you?
JASON: I don’t know. I don’t know I can’t remember what year it was.
OCCY: It was 2003.
JASON: Oh, you know.
OCCY: I remember that day because the contest wasn’t supposed to be on that day
Because it was supposed to be flat and we went out and had a few beers.
And then I woke up the next day and it was the contest was on.
I was like –, but I still made the final but I ran out of energy, hey.
JASON: Ran out of gas.
OCCY: Did you see that final? I ran out of gas.
OCCY: Dingo was on fire.
You shape with JS. When did you first was –
JASON: I originally –
OCCY: Let’s go way back, the start.
JASON: Way back.
Um –
OCCY: Which was only few years before that.
JASON: Born and bred in Stradbroke island.
OCCY: Yup.
JASON: Um and –
Live there my whole life.
OCCY: Yup.
Beautiful spot.
JASON: Unbelievable. Pumping good waves.
I mean a lot of people. You know Bede Durbirdge, Ethan Ewing, you know.
Nowadays, but –
Classic right-hander and then Main Beach which was a punchy left.
So um –
OCCY: So – because you you’re a very capable surfer. You were looking at a professional surfing career at that stage.
JASON: I really enjoyed competing back then.
But was there was obviously restrictions growing up there.
OCCY: Long way away.
JASON: Long way away from everything.
You’re pretty far removed.
But –
I also,
You know there was only myself, my brother, and Russell Speck at the time.
So there’s only pretty much us three guys who would surf any kind of swell.
And then myself and my brother would surf every morning before school, every day after school, so –
But that was – we were literally the only guys in the water
I think I was about 23 when I first moved to the Gold Coast.
And I remember going and
pestering Murray Bourton for a job. The only thing I ever knew was surfing.
And Murray – I used to ride Pipedream back in the day.
I used to ride for Murray.
Originally and then when Darren started coming up
then I started getting some boards off Darren.
So I actually rode those guys.
OCCY: For Darren.
JASON: Yeah, for Darren. So those guys’ boards.
And, I remember going around and, you know, had no work and just kept going and knocking on Murray’s door.
And to the point where he was like,
“You’re — annoying me. I’m going to have to give you a job.”
He yeah, I remember getting five bucks an hour off him.
It was pretty tight. A —
Yeah, so remember we were –
OCCY: Well, back in those days, there wasn’t a lot of money.
JASON: No, there was nothing, like, I worked for peanuts for that – him.
But also I wanted to learn so,
And that was it.
OCCY: That was the hand off, yeah.
JASON: Yeah, that’s where it all started. You know I remember I started –
I actually started, obviously just sweeping floors and doing — like that, but
I started laminating. His son at the time Skye Bourton was wanted to be a shaper.
So, I started laminating his boards.
And I just you know after,
I think was about six month or so saying “You know I’m – not this is not me.”
OCCY: Yeah.
And I – Darren and Kenny Reimers actually took me into that – Kenny Reimers took me into
that side of it, started showing me some stuff. Let me watch him.
Murray had a heap of um these old second blanks that was shoved up in the roof he had gotten off Berfheads.
I was like, “Can I have one of them. Can I you know make myself a board and that?”
And he’s like, “Yeah, 20 bucks.”
OCCY: Oh really?
JASON: Yeah, he made me buy them.
Yup, so I had to buy all of the second blanks
Yeah, he charged me 20 bucks.
Got in there and started hacking away.
OCCY: Wow.
OCCY: And that was the start of it. JASON: And that was the start.
OCCY: And that’s –
That’s crazy
how far it’s come. So, Luke Egan would have been your first big team rider.
JASON: He was.
OCCY: And um –
JASON: He was.
OCCY: He was doing pretty well back in the day.
JASON: He – he actually was number two in the world.
He was. Him and Andy were um –
having little battles actually.
OCCY: Yeah.
JASON: And –
For whatever reason, Luke was riding for Darren and then he had just came to me.
Um –
We’d already had a relationship. We’re mates, kind of thing. He’s like, “Make me some boards,” and I was like
“Oh, really. You want me to make you some boards?” Because you know you look up to, like yourself –
OCCY: Like, no pressure.
JASON: No pressure. And –
But you, uh –
you know
Growing up as a grommet, it was you and Luke and all these guys so you always you know
always looked up to all you guys.
But to have, you know, that
Luke walked in the door, and go, “Make me some boards” just after he got second in the world.
I was kind of like, “I don’t know if I’m that good, ay.”
“I don’t think I’m good enough for that.”
No, because he was coming into the start of his next year, like wanting to
contend again.
OCCY: And plus with Luke, because his dad shapes, and he knows a fair bit about shaping.
So, there would be more pressure.
JASON: Yeah, he did.
OCCY: He doesn’t shape himself, but he knows a lot though, hey.
JASON: He does – you’re right.
If there’s one guy that knows a lot about surfboards, it’s Luke Egan.
So I –
Did, I got to work with him. I made him some boards, and he’s like, “There’s something here.”
“There’s something in this.
With you and let’s just do this and do that.” And –
Yeah, I learned a lot actually from Luke. I learned a lot.
OCCY: Yeah your team – You’ve got such an amazing team.
I mean from Luke through Joel
to, you know, we’ve had Bruce and Andy. We’ve had Andy.
And, I mean, who is the hardest to shape for? Like I mean I reckon Luke would have been and I don’t know how
hard it is to shape Joel, but I would be the easiest because I know nothing about boards, you think?
Because I’m like the bigger guy.
JASON: No I reckon that Luke – Luke was definitely – Luke was
Luke was so in tune with it. So I think that –
He wasn’t the hardest. He was just really knowledgeable, so I just, I just gained a lot.
OCCY: Yeah.
JASON: From Luke, I think it really helped everyone else.
You know it gave and it gave me a lot of confidence once he once we’ve got this sort of formula.
And I think you know that even that first year
I think he went and went on won Trestles, and then was, you know, back in title races with Andy again.
So straight off the bat.
OCCY: Success traight off the bat.
JASON: And that gave me a little confidence and I think that –
Not just because you don’t know much of surfboards, it doesn’t make you the easiest or you know, but I think just having
Luke was a big guy
Strong goofy from, you know. I have this thing for goofy footers.
OCCY: Because you’re goofy yourself, yeah.
JASON: So, you know, I just think that
Doesn’t take me long to tune in boards. You know I surf without – you know.
When we first started out
you know, we’d all surf together and stuff like that. So it was pretty easy
to work, you knows what’s good, you know. And I think that once we found that formula
then you know you’re still riding a very similar board the way you’ve always ridden, whether it’s thick or thinner.
You know, it’s probably the only differences.
But as far as rockers and everything goes then that’s, you know, that’s how – that’s the formula.
OCCY: This is the new, what you’re doing. This is the Proxy, right?
OCCY: So light.
OCCY: It’s amazing. JASON: Hy-Fi.
OCCY: It’s a Hy-Fi?
JASON: Hy-Fi, it’s called. We call it Hy-Fi.
More, it’s because of the hybrid fibers that are used it and you know, it’s a multi-layered –
Using different, you know, you can see carbon, and there’s these Olefin fibers and stuff like that, so
We spent a few years.
OCCY: On this?
JASON: On this one.
OCCY: Wow.
JASON: You know, Pauly, Stacy and myself
spent probably about two years
you know, getting, working out –
Because it never started obviously like that. It was just different
materials and –
And different ways of doing it and we, yeah, this is where
OCCY: This is what’s hot right now?
JASON: It’s hot right now.
OCCY: It’s proxy, it’s different than normal.
JASON: Yeah, it is.
It’s like – it’s strong –
OCCY: Strong?
JASON: And these things go pretty fast so –
OCCY: I haven’t ridden a proxy since I was in a wave pool in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
When the contest was on.
JASON: Wow, really?
OCCY: How’s that memory?
JASON: Yeah, wow, you know, they’re so different to –
I remember when we were first making them back in the day
and they –
They go so different to now, you know.
Yeah, these are really
good performance boards.
OCCY: And you’re other shapers that you
other surfers sorry,
that you did shape for – the late great Andy Irons. I know you guys have really, really good friends, too.
We all were. We had a good circle going back then
before we lost that beautiful man and um how was he with his boards? Was he –
He was, actually he was –
OCCY: He was one of the trickiest ones?
JASON: He was a nightmare.
He was such a nightmare because he would be so vague
but, but once – you know what?
The one thing that I loved about Andy was
everyone else had a better board than him.
OCCY: Yeah, right.
OCCY: Joel –
JASON: He would pick up Joel’s and go, “My board isn’t nearly as good.”
“But, your’s is sick.”
I don’t know. I’m like, “Mate, they’re not – they’re no different.”
He, he was –
Yeah, he was amazing, but he would um you know he’s one of those guys with such a freakin talent.
And it was – it was really good, you know. And that’s what –
Luke was that guy who brought
Andy and Bruce and, you know, because –
OCCY: And even myself. JASON: Louie –
JASON: Louie Stas –
OCCY: And myself.
JASON: Louie Stas.
OCCY: Luke Egan had a huge part, hey.
JASON: Huge, huge impact on this business.
Yup, he did.
He did. So yeah,
I mean they look at all the crew, look at when we used to travel all together, hey. J-Bay,
And all the places.
OCCY: We had some good times.
OCCY: It was so far out. It was all of us – JASON: So good.
OCCY: Staying in one house.
JASON: Yeah, the good crew.
OCCY: We had so much fun. It was unbelievable.
OCCY: Really, really good times to remember. And what is a regular day for JS?
Or do you have a regular day?
JASON: I don’t really – I don’t know.
I don’t really know. I don’t really have – it’s not yeah, I don’t have a regular day.
OCCY: Depends on what’s going on with the surf.
JASON: It could be surf, work, events.
Anything you know –
OCCY: No regular day.
JASON: There’s no two days that are the same.
You know doing what I do
There’s no, especially nowadays, there’s no requirement for me to be here at 9:00 to 5:00 or set, you know,
I just, I come in and I’ve got a really good team and I –
I love shaping still.
And I try and make myself as many, you know,
you saw of poler boards up there or little twin fins and all different
weird stuff and
Which, as I’m getting older, I’m starting to enjoy and appreciate more.
OCCY: I do like it.
OCCY: For my back. JASON: Yeah.
OCCY: Do you ride them yourself? JASON: Yeah, well not –
JASON: I just like, yeah, I think I’m just –
Stepping it – You know like everyone’s boards, like especially the team guys like this,
are pretty set with what they’re riding.
And there’s little bits of tweaks that but now it’s like more about how much fun
can I have and
Pauly, and you know, and I was surfing like a lot with Joel and how much sort of fun can they have
On different stuff, and I mean Joel loves it too, all the little –
I mean, since we’ve made Hy-Fi’s and doing the run of the little weird stuff that he enjoys because it keeps him fresh.
OCCY: Yeah.
JASON: So, I don’t really have –
OCCY: No regular day?
That was a good question. I stumped him.
JASON: Yeah, you did. Like today. Today’s a great example of one of my days.
Like, this just pops up.
So, here we are.
OCCY: So straight away, where did the tractor logo come from?
It’s probably the most asked question.
OCCY: Is it?
JASON: Yeah, it is. It’s one of those –
it was
Back when I first started
You know, you had your DHD’s, your Dial Berg’s –
Kind of all the guys saw them and everyone called their boards by their names.
And I’m kind of like, I’m a little bit more –
That’s kind of not me.
You know hence, it’s still JS and a lot of people don’t even know who the –. What is his real name?
That from getting out there eventually.
The – the tractor
Maurice Cole had the teddy bear.
OCCY: Oh yeah, the teddy bear.
JASON: Yeah, Maurice Cole had the teddy bear at the time.
And I thought that was
Even though it was a teddy bear, it still looks really cool.
It was very different, and I thought that I wanted to build –
I wanted it not so much to be about me. I wanted it. I wanted to build a brand.
But I also had connections you know –
There’s childhood photos of me standing next to huge machinery that my old man used to drive.
So I’m back in the early, early days. He was, he was a machine operator, worked in the mines in Straddie
I just you know had that –
OCCY: Did he surf?
JASON: Yeah, he did. Both my parents surfed.
OCCY: Wow.
My mum and dad.
So that’s how it all began, but yeah, it was – it was just that connection with machinery, and I remember
Renee, my wife, and I
and when I was going around looking for what I was kind of going to do and
Toys R Us has this range of
And, you know, there’s a heap of them and I bought a heap of them.
There’s probably like five or six different machines and and that one,
that one was
Photograph, it was a photograph probably. I don’t know, everyone –
OCCY: Who’d you buy it for? The kids?
JASON: No, I bought it for me thinking, “I’m going to get a logo out of this.” Yeah –
I just I knew once I saw it I went
“That’s what I wanted.” You know, that’s kind of what I wanted to do it.
But I didn’t know which one. You know, scapers, dozers, is all these different sort of things and trucks and –
But this one tractor, I went up and I took photos of it.
And I
took it up to Rhema Graphics, and they printed them all up, and I just went that one. I mean was that little yellow
thing at the time, and I was like, “Yep, that’s it.” And then as – and then it just evolved.
I had – I knew a guy who,
this crazy artist who it was a really good drawer, and he did the first hand draw one and changed it
to what it kind of looks like now.
And then from there, I took it another graphics guy, and that’s the logo that it is.
And it’s been like that now,
for a long time and
OCCY: Everyone knows that from so far away.
JASON: I don’t see it changing now.
OCCY: You don’t? JASON: Yeah.
JASON: It’s kind of got – yeah, I don’t think it’ll ever change from that.
OCCY: That’s great.
JASON: Yeah, so that’s how it started.
OCCY: How it started. And it’s not changed – it’s not going anywhere.
Do you have a board that means the most to you like what you have hanging in your office or your wall at home?
Something precious, something dear to you?
JASON: There is a bunch of boards.
OCCY: Is there?
There is, I’m going to say that, and Joel has one at his house too,
It’s the last two boards that I made Andy.
OCCY: Oh, no way.
JASON: Yup, I can recall
he was at home
in Hawaii. He was off to – what was that event? Puerto Rico?
OCCY: Puerto Rico.
JASON: Puerto Rico.
And he was sitting outside
his, because I’ve been to his house as we all have many times,
sitting outside going,
“I need some boards.”
“I need two, I need a couple of boards. I need a couple of boards.”
Because of this thing – I think it was the board that he won
Tahiti on.
JASON: It was the green one.
OCCY: Yeah.
JASON: And he goes, “I need some more of them.”
I’d actually made him a board called, and it was his model, was the Confusion because –
OCCY: He was confused.
Andy and with that, we named it actually.
We were at a surf
Greeny was like about this, this big and kind of pumping and Joel, myself, Andy –
And I just made myself a couple of boards and um
Typical Andy, like he had he – I’d made him boards and and then I had my boards
and he’s going feeling my boards. And he goes, “I’m going to ride yours.”
And I’m like, “No mate.” Like, “Just go out there and ride your’s.”
He goes, he goes out and he’s riding. He’s like “Give me that board of your’s.” And
he rode it. He rode it and he was ripping on it, and I just went -, and he goes, “I’m taking this.”
And I was like
“You’re always so freaking
confused about what you want.” And
Buddy – and you know, anyway, he ended up taking my two boards.
OCCY: He did?
Back then and then, anyway, we ended up –
I was like, that’s where this Confusion model came from.
Before Puerto Rico, I made him two boards.
I shipped them. I remember talking to Lenny. We went through such a drama to getting these boards quick and uh end up getting in the
Customs and Customs in Hawaii wouldn’t let them out.
OCCY: Oh, so they stayed there.
JASON: So, they stayed there.
OCCY: And you got them back.
JASON: And –
He, you know, he went onto Puerto Rico and but uh, Puerto Rico, and those boards sat in Customs.
And I
After Andy’s passing, I just I had to get them back in and I went
to all lengths to get it back.
Blake Bated at the time, he went in there and tried to get then. I ended up getting them back.
OCCY: Unreal.
JASON: Yeah, I ended up get back.
OCCY: That’s so special.
JASON: Yeah,
It ended up Louie got them back and Joel ended up
with one and Louie had it for awhile, and I went, “You’ve just got to give me that board back.”
“Sorry mate but -“
OCCY: Yeah..
Who breaks the most boards?
And like it can be anyone because I know we haven’t got Andy here anymore, Bruce is not riding, but through the days,
Who’s -?
Dusty Payne.
OCCY: Dusty Payne.
JASON: Dusty Payne was a good one.
Yeah, Dusty –
OCCY: Charging his –
JASON: Yup, everything –
OCCY: Going right through his boards.
JASON: Yup, everything –
OCCY: Heavy on his boards.
JASON: Heavy, heavy on his boards.
Julian –
Julian’s a pretty obvious one.
That’s why Julian was probably one of those guys who helped me evolve the laminating process
to where it is today to make
you know, make boards last longer because he’s the guy who, you know,
bust a board a heat and it’s just – thought then it’s just far out, that’s just radical.
That’s part of why this Hy-Fi came about and for one,
making a stronger, lighter board but um, at the same time we also evolved our per year lamination process
like said now we’re down to making boards, not that many boards
so –
You know yeah, that’s, that’s it. But Dusty Payne, Julian Wilson, Joel doesn’t break boards.
JASON: No, I mean, you look at the wave he surfs. He’s so in tune with the wave and his timing’s amazing.
If he does bust in there,
it’s like so –
OCCY: Connected.
JASON: Got it connected.
He knows he’s going to make it.
And all – Joel’s not really renowned for –
But I’ve seen him probably doing, you probably have too, seen him do some of the biggest –
OCCY: Oh me too.
OCCY: Yeah, I have. JASON: Out of anyone and –
JASON: Biggest, cleanest –
OCCY: He doesn’t go to it enough.
JASON: No, but he can do it.
OCCY: He sure can man.
He can some straight over my head.
And if you weren’t a shaper, I know you should’ve been a pro surfer, or could’ve been.
What about the third option? What would you be doing?
JASON: There wasn’t a third option.
There wasn’t a third option.
I had, you know, I almost did – I almost become a bricklayer
but, that was on Stradbroke Island, and all this guy wanted a,
and lucky for me, he was a –.
So, I ended up couldn’t deal with it, but um and then I actually came down to – started doing –
I was gonna do a chef’s apprenticeship.
But, you know, I was so young when I was doing that, like left school at 15 or whatever and –
and knows what starting to be my options um –
Lucky for me, I had the eyes to grow up on Stradbroke Island still.
And I got to live there, do my job until I was 23, and then descended up my path
OCCY: Yeah.
JASON: So, it probably all worked out for a reason.
OCCY: It sure did.
Thanks, Straddie. Thanks, for being on the Occ-Cast and thanks for the relationship.
OCCY: And all the boards.
OCCY: They’ve been going so good. And, that’s another Occ-Cast. JASON: Cheers.
JASON: Thanks guys.
[Outro Music]