Otis Eyewear New Lense Technology (OTIS Reflect)

We are stoked to announce in-store and online now at Southern Man Surf we are stocking the new 2019 -2020 collection from Otis eyewear. As one of the most popular eyewear brands we are excited to show you the new range as Otis has introduced a new lens technology, called OTIS Reflect. OTIS Reflect is the latest technology in mirror lenses, reflecting light instead of absorbing it.

These lenses have a double-hardened hydrophobic coating, making them highly durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear scratches or abrasions. To ensure a clean, smooth look OTIS Reflect lenses are finished off with a unique Oleophobic coating which reduces fingerprint marks and further protects the lens from everyday abrasions.

OTIS Reflect will be showcased in two of the SBIA award-winning styles: After Dark & Young Blood.

After Dark- Matte Black/Mirror Blue

OTIS Reflect lenses have optimal optical clarity, are distortion-free and are more light-reflecting than normal tinted sunglasses. OTIS Reflect lenses have 100% UVA UVB protection. Our non-polarised Reflect lenses are 100% recyclable making them the best environmental choice.

All Otis Lenses are made of mineral glass and we love everything about it. From its scratch resistance to its distortion-free qualities, there is just no lens material that compares. Not to mention it’s sourced from sand and soda ash, so it’s endlessly recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

Young Blood Matte Black/Mirror Blue

And we can forget, OTIS has a Lifetime Warranty which will guarantee your shades from any defects that are the direct result of poor workmanship or faulty materials. Us and OTIS stand by the premium materials they have chosen 100% and if a legitimate warranty is presented to us/them, we’ll do everything we possibly can to get the defective pair of shades out of your hands and replaced immediately.

Stock available instore now at your Favourite Surf Shop Ulladulla. Buy Now with Zip and After Pay.