Claire Bierke

Claire Bierke
Claire Bierke

Nickname: CB
Date of Birth: 22/2/2003
Hometown: Ulladulla
Height/Weight: 5’2 53kg
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Southern Man, Kirk Bierke Surfboards
Years surfing: 14
Favourite surf spots: G-Land, Bombie, Dolphin Point 
Boards: Kirk Bierke Surfboards: 5’0 Fish, 5’5 Shortboard, 5’9 step up, 6’2 step up, 6’10 almost gun, 7’4 gun
Contest/Industry achievements:
1st South Coast Regional Titles 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
NSW State Titles Finalist 2015 2016, 2017
Multiple UBC Open Women’s Champion and Runner Up 2008 – present
Favourite surfer: Sea Mullet, Karina Rozunko
Favourite surf movie: Attractive Distractions

Claire is one of the most likeable humans you could ever hope to meet. She has an infectious smile and laugh to all those lucky enough to be surrounded by her. You would never guess how hard Claire charges in the water after meeting her on land. She is humble, but fearless in the big stuff after a lifetime of being dragged out into huge swells by her father, local shaper and big wave hellman Kirk Bierke. It also helps that she grew up sparring with her big brother Russell Bierke who is one of the world’s most accomplished big wave surfers. When she isn’t charging waves most people hide from, she is often seen styling her way down the line on her favourite Kirk Bierke twin fin. After a successful junior competitive career, Claire now prefers free surfing with friends and family around the south coast making the most of the wide variety of waves on offer. 

A story from the recent huge swell to smash the east coast as told by Genji Pitt;

“I was surfing a notorious reef south of town with Russell Bierke and Nathan Bartlett and it was really solid, 10-12 (triple overhead +) foot sets and heavy. I was trying to figure it out and being careful when out paddles Claire and Kirk Bierke. Claire looked at me, Russell and Nath and said, ‘it’s a bit small for paddle vests don’t you think?’ This was directed at us as we were all wearing padded safety vests for the huge waves. She wasn’t meaning to make us feel small, or even joking but it was pretty funny looking back on it, how comfortable she is in massive surf. I guess that really sums up Claire”

Link to Instagram page: @clairebierke