“He showed me a lot of aloha”

Letter to Southern Man Surf Shop

I was travelling by myself on a surf trip in Jan-Mar. 1990 and met one of the employees by the name of Byron Lovering. He showed me a lot of aloha, took me surfing around Ulladulla, got to stay at his house instead of sleeping in my beat up Holden which was really appreciated! I also met Kent Saunders and he was super nice to me as well. I left my broken board at the shop before I left for home, sold it and he sent me the money! (see attached letter). Say Hi to Kent for me and if you see By […]

I walked out of that shop feeling heard and hopeful

We moved to Ulladulla in 1991 when I was 17. I loved your surf shop and over the years have purchased lots of surf gear for myself and later for my 3 boys. About 2 years ago I was in the surf shop looking for school bags for my boys when Kent approached me to see if I required help. We ended up chatting and somehow I blurted out to Kent that a family member was really unwell with depression and that I too had been depressed and was finding it really tough. Kent was compassionate and encoura […]

Purchased my first Rusty Dress and Rip Curl Watch from Southern Man Milton Ulladulla when I was 10

I remember buying my first rusty dress and my first rip curl watch from southern man when I was 10. Kent was just as bubbly then as he is now. I worked at Southern Man for three years and still go back and say hello everytime I go back to ulladulla. Amazing surf shop amazing people.Felicity HamiltonGold Coast formally Bawley Point  […]

Ulladulla Christian Surfers & Replacement of Surf Fins

23 years ago I bought a pair of fins from Kent. After a few months they developed a fault. I returned them expecting the normal “we will send them away and the manufacturer will replace them in due course”. But no, Kent went straight to the shelf and gave me a new pair saying “you can’t be expected to wait for a replacement, you need them now”. That bought him a loyal customer a I have never had that level of service before. Congrats on 40 years! Since then we started Christian Surfers and South […]

Navy Surfing Championships and Tri-Services Championships

Southern Man Surf Shop has supported our association for a number of years now, first at our monthly competitions, then at our annual developemnt camp which turned into the Navy Surfing Championships. Now they are supporting our Tri-Service championships. Kent and Juanita have been a blessing to us, their community spirit is overwhelming. The same can be said for Martyn and his team up at RipCurl. Lovely people who truly have bent over backwards to assist and support in whatever way they can. H […]

Giving something back to our town

KENT and Juanita raised their three boys in the district and always like to give something back to the community that has supported them. When the new shop was built in 1984, the couple lived behind the shop on the Princes Highway in Ulladulla. Their three sons, Ben, Tim and Martyn, attended Ulladulla Public and High schools and helped run the shop in their teenage years. Tim now manages the new store inthe Woolworths shopping centre, while Marty runs the family’s Rip Curl shop at the top […]

Surf fashion still booming

SOUTHERN Man Surf Shop rode the wave alongside some of Australia’s top surf brand when beach culture took off in the early 1980s. When Billabong, Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Mango, to name a few, introduced their new surf fashion labels, Ulladulla’s little surf shop at the top of the hill jumped on board. Surf clothing went from guys wearing a pair of shorts in the water, to wanting a whole range of colourful boardshorts, t-shirts and jackets to wear on and off the beach. Owner Juanita […]

Friendly staff who know their stuff

THE staff at Southern Man Surf Shop havealways prided themselves on being friendly and knowledgeable about their products. Kent and Juanita try to remain in the background, while allowing the younger generation to be the face of their business. An avid skateboarder, their son Tim has introduced a new flavour to the shop, with a range of skating gear, accessories and clothingavailable. “Skate and street wear is really popular at the moment,” Tim said. Tim said, with a lot of good you […]

Locally made surfboards were among the best

WHEN Southern Man opened its doors, local surfboard shapers were churning out the latest boards sought after by surfers up and down the coast. Kent said people would flock to the shop to see the latest models and to meet the local shapers. Mark Richards’ boards were the first sold by Southern Man, with Ulladulla Surf Board Co by Bruce Heggie and Swift Stix models by Terry Glass soon to fill the racks. Kent said Skip and BK boards were also popular. “People from out of town would c […]

Australia’s Iconic Surf Shop Still Going Strong

ULLADULLA’S iconic Southern Man Surf Shop is celebrating its 40th birthday this month. What started out as a small surf shop and jeanery in the Top of Town complex, has grown into one of the South Coast’s largest surf stores. David and Joy Matthew opened the original store in April 1974 and the Saunders family took over the business five years later. In 1984, Ulladulla businessman Joe Pirrello built the small Southern Man shop on the Princes Highway which soon became a destination […]

Congratulations From Woolworths Centre

Congratulations Southern Man – Ulladulla’s Original Surf Shop – Since 1974. Now part of the Woolworths Ulladulla Shopping Centre in your award winning store.FromDonut King Ulladulla, Flight Centre Ulladulla, Telstra Ulladulla, Horizon Credit Union Ulladulla, Jems Newagency Ulladulla, Capital Chemist Ulladulla & Woolworths Ulladulla.Woolworths Ulladulla – Australia’s fresh food people – Plus 7 specialty stores on the corner of the Princes Highway and South Street Ulladulla.  […]