Tina Taylor’s sight set for 2022 Winter Olympics

Tina Taylor BoarderCross Athlete
Tina Taylor BoarderCross Athlete
Tina Taylor BoarderCross Athlete

Snowboard Cross, (also known as Boardercross) became an Olympic sport in 2006. An official Olympic event since for the Winter Games in Torino. Snowboard cross is a timed snowboarding event that involves four to six competitors simultaneously racing down a course filled with various elements, including turns, drops, jumps, berms and more. The objective is to pass the finish line first. The elements are in place to test a boarder’s ability to maneuver through changing terrain while riding as quickly as possible. At Perisher, boardercross courses, terrain parks and Australia’s only Half-Pipe allows some of the best athletes in the world train and pursue their dreams. Perisher has some award-winning parks that are the best in the southern hemisphere. Aspiring Board-cross competitors enjoy exclusive access to Perishers several boardercross courses and supporting race training facilities to help develop their skills.

Rip Curl Ulladulla and Southern Man Surf are proud to say we have sponsored many up and coming talents when it comes to surf and skate, and also snow. About 4 years ago, a good friend of ours Vince Lacey came in store and mentioned a young local girl named Tina (Christina) Taylor who was only 14 at the time was one to look out for in the Bordercross division in snowboarding. We met up with Tina’s parents, Cathy and Brad and had a chat about her visions in the sport and her achievements back then, and we knew straight away that this young girl will go far in this sport and we wanted to be a part of her journey.

Tina Taylor - Snowboarder

Tina’s Sponsors
Rip Curl
Southern Man Surf
Virus Australia

Tina’s love for the snow started at a very early age. She was strapped in on her first snowboard at three years of age and started on skies at two. Vinceo, who was at the snow at the time, (the one that introduced us to Tina) was coaching the Ulladulla interschools team down at Perisher. To three-year-old Tina, Vinceo was the white bearded man that resembles Santa.

“My 3-year-old self was very impressed with “Santa” on a snowboard. From that moment on I followed him everywhere and that began my love of snowboarding”. From then “I began doing interschools events in year 1 at Milton Public School. Doing both Giant Slalom and Boarder Cross events for the school. I continued this through to year 7 where I competed for Shoalhaven Anglican school and then through to year 12 with Jindabyne Central. Interschools set the foundation for my love of Racing and in particular, Snowboard Cross.”

Speed, jumps, drops, and the occasional collision—that’s the essence behind Boardercross (also referred to as snowboard cross), a sport that pits four to six snowboarders against one another as they navigate their way through a fast, narrow course all with the same goal: to be the first to pass the finish line. These jumps, drops, steep and flat sections are designed to challenge the riders while maintaining maximum speed. This sport isn’t for the weak, but you can always rely on Tina having a big smile on her face whichever the result. Her attitude both in the sport and in everyday life is inspiring. If you were to ask her why she loves this sport so much her response will always be “because it’s fun”.

“Whether it be the adrenaline you get from finishing an SBX (snowboard cross) race; the feeling of floating on clouds through powder; or just riding down the hill. It’s always a fun and exciting environment.”

Tina Racing

In the past 4 years we have watched Tina move to Jindabyne to be at the snow and compete and train as much as possible, manage schooling and complete her HSC at the same time. Even summer in Australia, Tina will be across the world chasing her dreams and continuing to train and compete around the world.

“My biggest achievement to date is 5th place at the Junior World Championships (under 20) in Austria, April 2019.  Previous to that I placed 7th and achieved the highest ranked under 18-year-old at the 2018 Junior World Championships in New Zealand. As a personal achievement I was also able to place 3rd overall in the 2019 NorAm (North American Cup) Tour, this is an overall standing taken from 10 events. As a result of this I have been awarded an NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport) scholarship, giving me access to some of the best training facilities along with the chance to train with some of Australia’s best SBX (snowboard cross) athletes.”

Tina Bronze Medal Winner

(Tina 2nd in from the right- Bronze medal winner)

To be able to get these results, Tina’s current training consists of a 6 day a week program with on snow training in the morning and gym sessions in the afternoon. She trains with a team called NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport) and her coach is Jason Clauscen.

She was previously coached through Perisher Winter Sports Club by both her current coach and James Barbe-Winter, as well as the rest of the amazing PWSC crew over her 7 years with them.

Before Tina moved to Jindabyne and in between seasons when Tina is home, Ulladulla local Emily Bingham who owns Empower in town has helped and also been a huge influence in Tina’s fitness and nutrient regime. “She has helped me with fitness regimes as well as nutritional programs for both domestic and overseas seasons. Emily has helped me so much on my journey and I’d love to say thank you for getting me where I am today. I now use the NSWIS nutritionist provided to me, although I will always carry Ems recipes and exercises with me as I grow and achieve my goals.”

Christina Taylor- Snowboarder Cross

Tina is 2nd from the Right, in Green

Tina has been lucky to have been able to snowboard at some of the most beautiful snow destinations in the world. But nothing compares to home where in Australia, Guthega is one of her favourite places to snowboard. Some other favourite places to snowboard or favourite run are, Overseas: – Big white, Canada. Colorado, Breckenridge; Keystone; A-basin. Austria, the Tyrol.

There are so many people that inspires Tina in the sport.

Just to name a few:

  • Belle Brockhoff
  • Torah Bright
  • Adam Lambert
  • Alex Pullen
  • Jarryd Hughes
  • Cam Bolton

At such a young age we are so proud and excited to see what the future holds for this young athlete. Growing up in Ulladulla, relocating to be closer to the snow, competing against athletes that grew up on the snow, the sheer determination and mind set Tina has is truly inspiring. We wish you all the best for the future Tina, we will be watching and cheering you on, and so happy to be a part of your journey.

“I want to be the best in the world at what I do and enjoy every step of the way as I do it. My sights are set on the 2022 and/or 2026 Winter Olympic Games.” Tina says.

Tina Taylor Boardercross

Christina Taylor’s competition results for the last 18 months.

Date Place Nation Position
01-04-2019 Reiteralm AUT 5th
31-03-2019 Reiteralm AUT 7th
15-03-2019 Holiday Valley Resort,NY USA 3rd
14-03-2019 Holiday Valley Resort,NY USA 9th
21-02-2019 Ski Cooper USA 4th
20-02-2019 Ski Cooper USA 6th
13-02-2019 Mont Orignal CAN 2nd
12-02-2019 Mont Orignal CAN 13th
08-02-2019 Craigleith CAN 4th
07-02-2019 Craigleith CAN 1st
09-01-2019 Panorama, BC CAN 4th
05-09-2018 Mount Hotham AUS 9th
04-09-2018 Mount Hotham AUS 5th
27-08-2018 Cardrona NZL 7th
01-08-2018 Mount Hotham AUS 4th
24-07-2018 Thredbo AUS 2nd
01-04-2018 Cooper Mountain Resort USA 14th
29-03-2018 Ski Cooper USA 7th
28-03-2018 Ski Cooper USA 13th
22-03-2018 Big White Ski Resort CAN 14th
18-03-2018 Big White Ski Resort CAN 5th
17-03-2018 Big White Ski Resort CAN 2nd
08-03-2018 Sugarloaf USA 10th
7-03-2018 Sugarloaf USA 7th
23-02-2018 Mont Orignal CAN 5th
22-02-2018 Mont Orignal CAN 5th
14-02-2018 Sunday River Resort USA 2nd
13-02-2018 Sunday River Resort USA 9th
09-02-2018 Craigleith CAN 10th
08-02-2018 Craigleith CAN 3rd
28-01-2018 Big White Ski Resort CAN 9th
27-01-2018 Big White Ski Resort CAN 15th

See more results at https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/general/athlete-biography.html?sectorcode=SB&competitorid=211822&type=result

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