How to change a Rip Curl Tide Watch (turning daylight savings on and off)

Turn daylight savings on and off on a Rip Curl Tide Watch

If you own a Rip Curl Tide watch and you struggle twice a year to change daylight saving on and off we have you covered.  If you own any Rip Curl Tide watch from the list below this is a simple guide to be able to turn daylight savings on and off.

Rip Curl Tide Watch Daylight Savings
  • A1015 – Trestles Tide Watch
  • A1133, A1134 – Drifter Digital Tide
  • A1042 – Trestles Midsize Tide Watch
  • A1026, A1051 – Rincon Tide
  • A1090, A1100, A1092 – Trestles Pro Tide Watch
  • A1083, A1088 – Pipeline Tide
  • A1119, A1128, All30, A1129 – Rifles Tide Watch
  • A1080 – Ultimate Titanium
  • A1120, A1122, A1136, A1135 – Rifles Tide SS
  • A1041G – Winki Tide Watch
  • A1124, A1130 – Rifles Mid Tide Watch
  • A1118G – Maui Tide Watch
  • A1126G, A1127G, A1131G, A1132G – Maui Mini Tide Watch

When daylight savings comes around twice a year, we are busy helping customers change their watch. Rip Curl have been smart enough to have 1 button to turn this function on and off. If you have been caught out with your tide being wrong, the most common error we see customers make is that they manual change the time which will adjust the tide, causing your tides to be out at least an hour.

By holding down button C button (top right) for 7-10 seconds until you hear a beep, this will automatically change daylight savings to be on. When you want to turn off daylight savings you press the same button C and hold again for 7-10 seconds until you hear a beep and daylight savings will turn off. When daylight savings is on you will notice on your screen DST (daylight savings time) symbol.