Rip Curl & Mad Steez Range with Large Mural at Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2019

Rip Curl and Mad Steez Range

Collab range released With Large-Scale Mural At Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Torquay, Victoria, Australia (Monday, April 15, 2018):

In celebration of fifty years of surfing, Rip Curl is happy to announce the release of Mad Steez x Rip Curl, a collaborative range of wetsuits, boardshorts and men’s attire that brings Rip Curl’s brand worth of “irreverence” to the front and centre.

With a rare vision impairment in his left eye, large-scale mural creative person Mark Paul Deren, aka “Mad Steez”, sees the globe through a unique lens, and uses bright colours and broad, sweeping strokes to bring his paintings to life in an exceeding method, in contrast to any other creative person.

“Before he was an artist, Mad Steez was a surfer,” says James Taylor, Rip Curl’s group creative Director. “We wished to collaborate with him as a result of as an artist he shares our company values and a love of surfboarding, however, can also bring something entirely different for the brand.

“For the first time in company history, we’ve allowed our iconic logos – The Search, the Wetsuit logo and our company logo – to be changed. we gave Mad Steez freedom to collaborate with the brand truly, and we are happy with the result.”

Mad Steez, an unlikely candidate to become a surfer, grew up within the suburbs of Washington DC. “I keep in mind being twelve years old, and my mum would go and purchase Rip Curl t-shirts for me from my local surf shop,” says Steez. “Rip Curl was this strange connection for me… having those t-shirts made me realise that I wished to be a surfer.

“Many years later I found myself in Bali – simply there to go surfing – which trip was really what catalysed my painting. This collaboration could be a synergy of my 2 worlds, painting and art, and i think we’ve got made some extremely rad stuff.”

The range includes a little selection of carefully designed wetsuits, boardshorts and men’s apparel, and it’s offered as of April fifteen round the globe.

To celebrate the release, Mad Steez are travelling to the 2019 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and will be painting a large-scale mural on the front of the Rip Curl Torquay store. This mural is Steez’s interpretation of an iconic Bells lineup, with the inclusion of a number of surfing’s greatest World Champions – 3x World Champion Mick Fanning, 2x World Champion Gabriel Medina and 2x World Champion Tyler Wright.

Steez will be painting throughout the Rip Curl Pro waiting period and encourages fans, media and people passing through come view the mural in progress. You may notice him painting at the Rip Curl Torquay store from Apr eighteen – Apr 22.

As this is indeed a worldwide collaboration, Mad Steez are spending the remainder of the year painting murals in different major Rip Curl regions round the world. For the weekend of May fourth, you may find Mad Steez painting the side of Rip Curl by Hansen’s in Swamis, California. Following the USA, look out for Steez somewhere in Europe…

The Mad Steez x Rip Curl collaborative range is currently available on-line at Ripcurl.Com and in Rip Curl stores round the globe.