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  • Zflex Zflex Longboard V2 Wheels Blue. Zflex Trucks & Wheels in Boardsports Trucks & Wheels & Boardsports Skate. Code: ZFX6900
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  • Zflex Waterborne Surfskate Adpa Raw. Zflex Parts in Boardsports Parts & Boardsports Skate. Code: WBE10Zflex Waterborne Surfskate Adpa Black. Zflex Parts in Boardsports Parts & Boardsports Skate. Code: WBE10

    Zflex Waterborne Surfskate Adpa

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In 1975 saw the Zephyr skate team from Santa Monica, California competing in thle Del Mar national Skateboarding competition. Zephyr surfboard production surf shop was an intergral part of the local surf cultue that branched out into skateboard productions, coinciding with the invention of urethane wheels when lead to Zephyr Skateboards. Riding low, fast and hard the Zephyr team took the existing version of gymnastic, handstand based skateboarding, fuelled it with the aggression of the streets. With record droughts in California, causing many residents to empty their swimming pools, the Z-Boyz saw opportunity, and dover right in to these newly exposed playgrounds, sneaking into people’s back yards, skating for as long as they could without being caught by the police. In 1976 the names was changed to Z-Flex and they never looked back.