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Which O'Neill wetsuit is the best?
Known for the innovative Technobutter neoprene technology, O’Neill Hyperfreak and Psycho One lines are considered the best O’Neill wetsuits. O’Neill’s Technobutter, an exclusive new pre-stretched neoprene with featherlight and ENVY foam rubber core, is the lightest, most flexible and softest material ever created. Wetsuits that are made from this neoprene feature superior flexibility and a comfortable fit, while staying incredibly warm.

Is O'Neill a good brand?
O’Neill is one of the leading brands manufacturing wetsuits and surf clothing. Their wetsuits offer the best value and provide surfers with excellent protection against cold, wind and UV radiation along with incredible comfort and freedom of movement. Combining some of the best technology in the manufacturing of high-quality suits, O’Neill offers you the perfect surf clothing selection at an affordable price.

Where are O'Neill clothes made?
O’Neill clothes are made in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The main wetsuit factory owned by the brand has been located on the southeast side of San Francisco since 1991. There are approximately 100 people who are involved in producing approximately 35% of the company’s wetsuits. Additionally, 35% of products are made in Ensenada, Mexico, and the remainder is made in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Do O'Neill wetsuits run true to size?
O’Neill wetsuits have the best fit in the industry. One of O’Neill’s biggest advantages is that there are sizes for regular, small and tall people, so you do not have to worry about sizing up or down just due to your height. Thanks to that thoughtful approach, you can be sure that you are purchasing your true size.

Is O'Neill sustainable?
O’Neill is constantly working on social, environmental and economic advancements and strives to make the world a better place to live. To do so, the brand has implemented a variety of standards and regulations that are vital to its sustainability. Taking care of the ocean for future generations is O’Neill’s commitment. That is why they have created a special O’Neill Blue collection containing sustainable materials. Starting with this, O’Neill aims to minimise the impact people have on the environment and lead the sustainability movement. Over time, the company plans to move all of its product line to the O’Neill Blue collection.