Shop our latest Surfboards, Surf Hardware and Surf Accessories at Southern Man Surf.

We have a massive selection of Surfboards in-store, carrying shapers such as Firewire, Channel Island Surfboards, Stacey Surfboards, Aloha, McCoy Surfboards, Vern Jackson, Rip Curl Surfboards, Catch Surf and Mick Fanning Softboards. Update your Surfboard quiver with a new Shortboard ‘Thruster’ Surfboard, Fish Surfboard or a Funboard. For something a little easier try one of our Longboard Surfboards or Mini-Mal Surfboards. For the beginner surfer try one of our Foamboards ‘softboards’ to get you started.

We have a huge selection of Surf Hardware ready to get your new Surfboard ready or just to update your current Surfboard quiver. Stocking a huge range of legropes from Creatures, Rip Curl and Ocean and Earth. There’s also a large selection of Surfboard Fins to match your Surfboard and surfing style from FCS and Future Fins. Surfboard Deck Grips from Ocean and Earth, Creatures, Rip Curl and Slater Designs. There is also a variety of Surfboard covers or Boardbags from stretch covers ‘sox’, too something with a little more protection for everyday use like the Ocean and Earth Barry Basic Surfboard cover. Surfboard covers for all Surfboards, Shortboard, Funboard, Fish, Longboard and Gun Surfboard.

Be surf ready with our range of Surf Accessories. If you need the everyday essentials we have Sexwax and Mr Palmers Surfboard wax and wax combs from Ocean and Earth. Protect your hearing with Ear Plugs from Sea Cured and Creatures Surf Ears. Can’t fit your boards into your car, store them on your roof with our range of Tie Downs from Creatures and Ocean and Earth, and secure your keys while your in the water with Surflocks from Ocean and Earth. For small repairs we stock a range of repair kits from Ocean and Earth and Sea Cured. Small or Large Solarcure kits for Epoxy or Poly Surfboard repairs. For a larger repair try Ocean and Earths Fibreglass Surfboard repair kit. For all the bits and pieces we’ve got you covered with Fin Screws and Plates, Fin Keys, Surfboard Nose Protectors and Leggie Strings.

Everything you need for a day surfing.

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