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Shop from Surf, Skate, Bodyboard and Wake for all the latest gear to get you in the water or in the skatepark. 

The keen surfer will find all the essentials to get you in the water whether  you are a beginner, intermediate, advance or pro surfer we have all the gear. If you want to learn to surf or are going on a surf trip, our staff whether in store or online will help you with all the best gear. From purchasing your first board or just keen on a new board we have all the gear to get you started like wax, fins, leg ropes, board bags,wetsuits and rashies. We will give you the best advice and gear for you to have the best time in the water.

If your a keen skater, we have all your skate needs to rip in the half pipe or to cruise along a nice smooth concrete surface. We have skate boards for all ages with our kids Smoothstar range to and adults longboard cruiser and skateboards to suit all skaters keen on a park board. We will also having you look the part as we stock the best skate clothing and shoes. With our Smoothstar range, its Australia's best surf training skateboard, so if your a keen surfer and a Smoothstar surf training skateboard can replicate what it feels like to surf out of the water. So when the waves are flat or its on shore, skateboarding is the next best thing to teach you to surf better. We also carry a lot of skate hardware so if you need trucks, wheels bearings or decks replaced we have you covered.

We stock a large range of bodyboards, flippers and accessories to go with any bodyboard whether you are a beginner or advanced. Kids and adults can have the best fun on a bodyboard by riding the little shories or catching massive 6 foot waves. Flippers will help any bodyboarder catch waves easily and help you get back out the back faster.

We carry a large range of Rip Curl's Wake boarding vests. Buoyancy vests come in sizes ranging from ages 4 to adult. Crafted from durable materials and lab tested for the ultimate in water safety and protection, the whole family can wakeboard with ease all year round.