Vern Jackson Surfboards

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Vern Jackson Surfboards | NSW South Coast Shaper | Surfboard repairs ulladulla

At our partners shops store, Rip Curl Ulladulla, we carry the largest range of Vern Jackson Surfboards in Australia. Vern Jackson is regarded as one of the South coasts leading board shapers in Ulladulla. In the past twenty years Vern has shaped thousands of surf boards most of which were hand shaped. In the last few years he has been experimenting with new materials such as carbon fibre, epoxy resin and different types of foam cores. He believes the future of surf boards is going to be in construction, using new light weight materials. Vern recently purchased a APS 3000 computer shaping machine, A round cutting head that does 90% of the preshape. Now all of his boards will be 90% machine shaped. Vern is stoked with his investment which allows for a highly tuned product that can be replicated exactly every time.