This Is Beard – Awareness on melanomas! Head over and check out This Is Beard. Our in store Ulladulla Man Dime, Sam’s got a snap shot over there! It’s for a good cause for awareness on melanomas!

This Is Beard has been a great way to get the word but we’re keen to step things up. This summer, we’re beginning a campaign for volunteer skin check stations on popular beaches – just as lifesavers save people from drowining –  medical students, nurses, doctors and certified practitioners could be out there saving people from Australia’s biggest killer. On top of this, all of us should  be better educated about what to keep an eye on. You can start by making an appointment through or your local GP.  Most appointments are free and if they’re not they should be. Please stay in touch and share this message with your mates. If you know any contacts or can offer assistance please get in touch. Thanks for visiting.