How To Put On A Wetsuit For Surfing And Bodyboarding


Have your ever asked yourself… How do I put on a wetsuit? or How am I meant to put on my wetsuit before I jump in the surf? Well Hopefully we can explain step by step how to!

Above is a quick video showning how to put on a Rip Curl Flashbomb the easy way. If you can use youtube then we will spell out how to put on a warm surf wetsuit like the Rip Curl Flashbomb or Ebomb below. 

Step 1 – Before putting on your wetsuit find a suitable place to stand and somewhere with some privacy in case you fall over. Most of the team at Southern Man owns a wetsuit bucket which you can store your wetsuit in when wet to keep you car carpet dry and they also have a rubber mat which you can put on the group in the winter so your feet don’t freeze. The Wetsuit bucket also doubles as an esky for when there is no surf and you free like having a picnic or a beach party.

Step 2 – Decide if you are going to wear swimmer, togs, speedos or wear no swimmer under your wetsuit. Not wearing swimmers could reduce and rashes depending on the wetsuit and if there is any sand inside the wetsuit. If you have chosen to wear a rashvest or Rip Curl H-Bomb Vest under your wetsuit then this would be the time to put it on.

Step 3 – Wrap a towel around your waist or if you are lucky and have been given a free hood towel with your Rip Curl Steamer this year then put that on. If you have chosen not to wear swimmers then this is your last chance to take them off before you have your Wetsuit on.

Step 4 – Step into the legs of your Wetsuit like putting on a pair of jeans or pants by poking your feet through the body and pulling the suit up by the waist. If you have a back zip wetsuit make sure it is positioned behind you and if you have a chest zip wetsuit make sure it is positioned in front if you when stepping through the suit.

Hint- As shown in the above video you can use a plastic bag over your feet to help assist your feet sliding through the legs. This will be extra handy if you surf regularly and your wetsuit is still wet.

Step 5 – Make sure you pull the Wetsuit up as high as you can, position the knee pad directly over your knee and then pull up the Wetsuit again as high as you can at the waist.

Step 6 – Pull your Wetsuit body up and at the sometime put one of your arms through the wetsuit armhole. Most chest zip wetsuit it is easier to put right arm in 1st.

Step 7 – Position your left arm elbow so that the arm of the Wetsuit is pull up into the right position. Pretend there is a elbow pad and position this directly over your elbow.

Hint – if you are struggling to get your arm in then repeat steps 5 and 6. If you continue to struggle then your Wetsuit could be too small. Please see Staff at Southern Man and they can help you decide if you need a bigger wetsuit.

Step 7 – Put your other arm in the wetsuit arm and make sure its correctly positioned. This normally can be down in a quick smooth movement. This part is tricky but once you get the hang of it and use to your wetsuit  then it won’t bother you anymore.

Step 8 – Zip up back zip by pulling zip strap from around your back to over your head. Zip across chest zip by inserting zip head into zipper. And then make sure zip holders are in place so zipper doesn’t open while surfing.

Step 9 – Go Surfing!