Friendly staff who know their stuff


THE staff at Southern Man Surf Shop havealways prided themselves on being friendly
and knowledgeable about their products.

Kent and Juanita try to remain in the background, while allowing the younger generation to be the face of their business.

An avid skateboarder, their son Tim has introduced a new flavour to the shop, with a range of skating gear, accessories and clothingavailable. “Skate and street wear is really popular at the moment,” Tim said. Tim said, with a lot of good young skaters in town, it was important to provide a good range. “If there’s no surf, skating is a great way to keep on a board,” he said.

Sam Anderson, Sarah Richmond, Natasha Saunders and Jon Thomson, along with a host of casuals, work alongside Tim, Kent and Juanita at the new store.

Martyn Saunders runs the new Rip Curl shop with Danielle Evans, Bryce Gage and Perry Mason, who has been with the company since 1992.

Kent said it was important for his staff to be friendly and know their product. They attend training workshops in merchandising to ensure the shop remains fresh, bright and current, while Sarah is completing her Certificate III in Retail.